Friday, December 29, 2006


Our bags are packed and the nursery is ready. After Thomas and I visited Aly and Robyn today, we are more than ready to hold our own little girl in our arms! Until we have our own baby girl pictures to post, you will be seeing Aly Claire! Here is Becky and my mom when we saw Alyson in the hospital.

Welcome, Alyson Claire!

Here is Caroline's best friend, Alyson. She was born on December 20th. Her mommy, Robyn, and I have been best friends since 2nd grade! We've grown up together and we expect our daughters to do the same. I can thank Robyn and Alyson for helping Thomas and I kick in to high gear with packing my bag for the hospital and getting Caroline's room ready. Alyson came three weeks early (just in time for Christmas AND the tax deduction!) Isn't she precious?!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Here is a picture taken by my husband, Thomas, when he was taking pictures for some family/friends.
My wonderful sister Becky is on the far left, her sister-in-law and my great friend Tennille is to her right, I'm next, and my long-time friend Tara is on my right. (Check out her blog from my links.) Some day when I have an hour I'll explain how we are all connected. Basically, Becky is married to Tara's youngest brother and Tennille is married to Tara's oldest brother. Tara and I feel we were the master minds behind getting Becky and her brother, Travis, together. In reality, God had it all worked out to begin with. :-)

My Two Taras

I have been inspired to try blogging by my two friends named Tara. I've so enjoyed watching Bailey grow up on her blog. I am now attempting to do the same for our baby Caroline! We will be in Week 36 tomorrow and are anxious to see our baby soon!