Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our little hiker

We had a fun family outing to Devil's Den state park. Caroline loved looking at all of the surroundings. When we first started walking, Thomas was in the front and she whimpered a little so he turned around to show her that I was there and that she was not just "floating" by herself through the woods! (Many thanks to Tara and Bailey for loaning their Baby Bjorn!) It is so much fun seeing her learn from new experiences. It also helps me see everyday things in a new perspective through her eyes! Once we got back home, Caroline made up for her lost nap.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Babies and Bumbos!

We finally got all four babies together at the park! It was Caroline's first picnic as well (and maybe for the other babies, too?) We had so much fun! They cooperated as the "mamarazzi" (perfect word to describe us that I borrowed from one of Tara and Bailey's friends) took a zillion pictures. From left to right, Robyn and Aly Claire, Bonnie and Caroline, Tennille and Lakyn, Tara and the lone man Canaan! Canaan's a great sport and doesn't mind hanging around all of the gals. You know Aunt Becky could hardly stand having all of the babies to squeeze and kiss on at the same time!
For those of you who are wondering, bumbos are these fun seats that allow babies to sit who aren't able to on their own yet. We were quite a spectacle! :-)Here are Aly and Caroline catching up on all that has happened since school let out. Caroline is explaining how much she appreciated Aly giving her tips on rolling over.
Lakyn is explaining to Canaan how to escape from their bumbo seats!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What do you see? Caroline turning pages!

As teachers, you can imagine how proud we are of Caroline! Already reading at the tender age of 4 months. I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr. to her a couple of times a few weeks ago and she began turning pages for me! She'll now turn pages in everything we read to her. We read Brown Bear every night before bed and we invited daddy to record it for posterity.
She's a little distracted by the camera and daddy at the beginning, but she stays focused and helps me read the whole book!
Caroline Reads

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I finally transferred these pictures taken at the end of April onto the computer so that I can share what a wonderful husband I have! He heard (and remembered!) that I had mentioned that the Titanic museum/attraction that I saw an ad for on TV looked like a lot of fun. The weekend before I had to return to work from my maternity leave Thomas surprised me with a trip to Branson. He just wanted to let me know how much he appreciated me as a mom! Isn't he sweet?!
They give you boarding passes with real passengers' names when you arrive, and we were both first class. I was the richest lady on the ship (an Astor) and he was a doctor. I had a blast!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Belly Time!

Thomas caught Caroline performing one of her new tricks on video! Instead of watching her mobile and squealing on her back, she now likes to roll onto her tummy while playing in her crib. (I no longer feel comfortable leaving her on her playmat while I run into another room--which you can see why on my previous post.)Thomas grabbed the video camera and was taping her when she rolled onto her back! Look how proud she is of herself!
Belly Time

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Daddy's day trip

Here's what Thomas did today while Caroline and I were visiting my sweet friend Amy and her adorable toddler, Lauren.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

and the little one said "Roll Over..."

Caroline is rolling! On May 24th she rolled from her stomach to her back while Thomas and I watched! It was almost more of a flip than a role!
Coincidentally, the next day one of my kindergarteners asked me to read a book called 10 Little Bears where they sing a song about rolling over in a bed.
The next evening Aunt Becky and I watched as she rolled from her back to her stomach!
The pictures were taken today (on her 4 month birthday!) She was lying on her playmat talking to the giraffe (I'm sure she was asking permission to chew on his colorful feet) when I very briefly left the room. When I returned I did not immediately look at her (I was still picking up stray toys) when I heard her make a very polite "ahem" noise to get my attention. I couldn't believe how far she had rolled! She looked so proud of herself! I cracked up laughing which made her laugh and I grabbed Thomas' camera to show you her accomplishment! She must have rolled several times to get where she was. I love how she thought to make a noise to get me to look at her!