Monday, July 30, 2007

Gerber Baby!

Our friends Tara and Canaan told us about a great deal on Gerber baby food--obviously we took advantage of it! Caroline is also showing you how she can sit all by herself!

Here is proof that Caroline enjoys squash!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy month!

We had another playdate with our friends at the park before our trip to Florida, but I'm just now posting pictures! Our family has stayed busy this month!

Here's Caroline snoozing in the car:
Caroline is sitting all by herself for several minutes at a time now! She is also spitting out green beans and eating carrots! She's been practicing new sounds with her tongue and she said "thuh- thuh" last night while her daddy and I were talking. She really would love to contribute to our conversations!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Barefoot in the sand

Humor me, just a few more beach pics!

Uncle Travis and Aunt Becky at the beach!
This week they are on a mission trip in Honduras, keep them in your prayers!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Beach Baby

We had a fantastic week at the beach with the family! It went by way too fast!

Caroline loved the beach! She would squeal with delight when the waves would splash her little legs. The wet sand near the water was a lot of fun for her. She would dig her tiny feet into the sand making holes!
Our friends Vinh and Megan sent the adorable outfit for Caroline's first summer vacation! She wore the hat and sunglasses every day and did not even try to take them off!

Grammy gave Caroline an inflatable pool where she enjoyed splashing and swimming!
(There was no chance of an encounter with a jelly fish in here!)
It was also fun to play in the pool while dry, too!

On the fourth of July, Daddy and Caroline laughed at the wind!

Aunt Becky and Uncle Travis enjoying the beach at sunset. Sweet family!

Monday, July 2, 2007

(Semi)Live from the Beach!!

You are able to witness Caroline's first meeting with the ocean via the pictures we took two days ago! We have wireless internet (isn't technology amazing) here at the beach house, so I am taking advantage of it to document our trip to St. George Island! Caroline was such a good girl, sleeping the majority of the time, all the way here!
We spent the night at a beautifully remodeled (unfortunately due to Hurricane Katrina) Hampton Inn just outside of Mobile, Alabama where we spotted this alligator! I could hardly believe it, an alligator in real life, just yards from the hotel. Thomas took the picture standing in the parking lot in front of the hotel.
More importantly, Caroline had sand between her toes for the first time ever at St. George. We stopped at the St. George state park on the island where she was fascinated by the waves! She kept looking down at them (as you can see in the pictures.) Once we got back in the car to head on to the house she kept babbling, cooing and "talking" to us about the big ocean and the prickly sand. I am sure she was trying to tell us how the water and waves were much more fun than her little aquarium-themed bathtub at home! I cannot imagine what must have been going through her head to see the wide expanse of sand and sea. Here are some pictures of the occasion.

Here's what Daddy could see of me in the rear view mirror for the long trip down south! What a beautiful view!
Memories in the making! More posts soon to come...