Thursday, April 26, 2007

Versatile outfit!

While having fun at Aunt Becky and Uncle Travis' house, Caroline decided she wanted to wear the outfit mommy brings "just in case." (By the way, I will now always bring two "just in case" outfits!) As we were taking off one of the outfits, it got stuck on her head. The pretty pattern made it look like a beautiful bonnet...well, at least we think she's beautiful!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Our friends Robyn and Aly let us know that the tulips were in full bloom a few weeks ago (where does the time go!?) We went to the park and took lots of pictures, but Caroline was more interested in people/dog watching than posing for the camera. I realize that I need to get behind the camera so that Thomas can get in some of these pictures! In the bottom picture Caroline is sitting in her bumbo seat all by her big self!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Daddy The Photographer

If you had talked to me before we went to have our pictures made at JC Penney's, you'd know I was afraid she would cry or I would wear the wrong color and all kinds of other very trivial worries.
All the way to the Promenade Caroline was babbling and smiling...then we walk into the studio and she cries. And cries. Eventually she calms down enough that we managed a few cute shots.
Once we got home Caroline was so happy that I put her on the Boppy pillow and Thomas decided to take a few pictures. I think they turned out absolutely adorable, but of course I am very biased.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Bailey and Caroline!!

My precious friend, Tara, and her adorable toddler, Bailey, came to visit last week! We had such a fun time, but it went by way too fast.
Aunt Becky, Daddy Thomas and Bailey's grandma were the photographers. We felt like rock stars with all of the flashes! Robyn and Aly came by to join in on the fun.
You can't tell from these pictures, but Caroline LOVED meeting her friend Bailey. Robyn and I kept saying how we feel like we've watched Bailey grow up because of Tara's blog. We all need to figure out how to do the video on these blogs, because Bailey's sweet voice is adorable and the world needs to hear her!
Tara tried holding our babies, but Bailey could not stand to let that happen! She loves her mommy and did not want to share her for very long.
On a related note, Caroline is 2 months old today! I went back through and looked at Tara's archives of blog entries from when Bailey was three months old. It makes me see how quickly these babies grow, but it is also exciting to see the new fun things that are ahead for us!