Monday, April 2, 2007

Bailey and Caroline!!

My precious friend, Tara, and her adorable toddler, Bailey, came to visit last week! We had such a fun time, but it went by way too fast.
Aunt Becky, Daddy Thomas and Bailey's grandma were the photographers. We felt like rock stars with all of the flashes! Robyn and Aly came by to join in on the fun.
You can't tell from these pictures, but Caroline LOVED meeting her friend Bailey. Robyn and I kept saying how we feel like we've watched Bailey grow up because of Tara's blog. We all need to figure out how to do the video on these blogs, because Bailey's sweet voice is adorable and the world needs to hear her!
Tara tried holding our babies, but Bailey could not stand to let that happen! She loves her mommy and did not want to share her for very long.
On a related note, Caroline is 2 months old today! I went back through and looked at Tara's archives of blog entries from when Bailey was three months old. It makes me see how quickly these babies grow, but it is also exciting to see the new fun things that are ahead for us!


  1. Dear Sweet Csroline,
    I loved playing with you and Bailey Boo last week. Remember when we discovered each other for the first time? You smiled at me, but I was just trying to figure out who you were and why you were as small as me. You and your mommy made my mommy very happy today when you visited her at school. Let's play and have a bottle together soon. Say hello to Grammy for me.

    LYLAS, Aly

  2. cAroline,
    Sorry about the spelling. I'm only three months old you know.
    Luv, Aly

  3. i can't believe i didn't comment on this sooner!!!!!! we had SUCH a great time and CANNOT wait to see you girls again!!!!! hopefully sometime this summer :)
    miss you!