Saturday, April 7, 2007

Daddy The Photographer

If you had talked to me before we went to have our pictures made at JC Penney's, you'd know I was afraid she would cry or I would wear the wrong color and all kinds of other very trivial worries.
All the way to the Promenade Caroline was babbling and smiling...then we walk into the studio and she cries. And cries. Eventually she calms down enough that we managed a few cute shots.
Once we got home Caroline was so happy that I put her on the Boppy pillow and Thomas decided to take a few pictures. I think they turned out absolutely adorable, but of course I am very biased.


  1. beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!!! we've learned that the best pictures are usually the random ones we take (which is why we don't do professional photographers very much)!
    hope y'all are having a great first easter!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL baby girl! Oh, Caroline, I just want to kiss and squeeze your sweet face! I love you guys. Thanks again for entertaining Aly on Thursday. You are super-duper friends!

    Your daughter is so Beautiful! I found your link from the reunion website. I'm so sorry I've been out of touch this past year, Alex & I moved to New Hampshire. You must be so proud of your beautiful daughter!


  4. I love her, I love her, I love her!! I love looking at these blogs to see them whenever I want!! I love you so much!!

    Love, Aunt Becky