Saturday, October 11, 2008

Growing up!

8 Weeks

18 months
Our baby girl is growing up. I finally changed the picture at the top of our blog to a more recent photo. It made me really sentimental to have to do that! She is talking up a storm and we are even discussing the crib-to-toddler bed transition that may happen very soon! Don't get me wrong, I am loving every moment of this stage! She is saying "Hank you" (thank you) and "me-me" (excuse me) without even being asked! She is so polite.
A couple of weeks ago she pointed out an American Flag at a car dealership as we were driving on the interstate and I belted out (I am a great singer in the car with just Caroline and I...) "You're A Grand Old Flag!" She loved it so much that she now looks for the USA flag as we drive and every time she see one she shouts, "Mo!"(more!) (There are a lot of patriotic people in NW Arkansas. I never realized how many flags are flying!)
She has such a sweet, beautiful spirit.
Last night, as I was rocking her to sleep (yes, I still rock her, and I will until she tells me she does not want me to!) she sat up and said, "Bible?" So I handed her the tiny pink New Testament, She said, "Bible!" so I gave her the white tiny New Testament. She put them on my chest and laid down on top of them to go to sleep. It made me remember that I heard desperate students would put text books under their pillows hoping through osmosis or something that they would learn the content. I think, though, that she just loves her bibles and wanted them close to our hearts as she fell asleep. Have Faith like a child!
It's hard to believe your love can keep growing every day when you feel like your already overflowing with it!