Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aunt Becky!

Aunt Becky had her birthday bash in Fort Smith so we loaded up and took the drive south to eat at the best restaurant in Arkansas, Rolando's (seriously, if you're in the Fort you have to go.)
While there Thomas took pictures that turned out so cute!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Free advertising for Graco!

This week Caroline visited her friends (or cousins-in-law!) Lakyn and Canaan at the Hudson's new beautiful house. Lakyn and Caroline were in sync with their emotions. Either all smiles or crying their eyes out. Canaan did not seem to know what to think with these big girls on either side of him. We promised Canaan's daddy we wouldn't "dress" him up, but he had to be in blue to match the girls! (If Aunt Becky had been there, she wouldn't have been able to stand the cuteness!! She was busy shaping the young minds of her third graders--or she would have been there!) (Thanks to Tara for letting me borrow the picture of all of us from her blog!)

Week 7: Caroline is laughing and smiling so much now! She just started supporting her weight on her legs, while we're holding her of course. She is also making "cooing" noises along with her other talking sounds. My favorite, she has been saying since she was about two weeks old, is when she is calming herself down and she says, with a long 'A' sound, "A-wuh, awuh, awuh, awuh.' If I knew how to post video you would see how adorable it is.

Monday, March 19, 2007

She's asleep...

For about a week now Caroline has been waking up just once (around 1 am) and then starting her morning around 5:30am. Anyone who knows me is thinking how early that is for me!
It's amazing how I only mind getting out of a warm bed for about 10 seconds and then when I see that little face I am excited and ready to go. One of my favorite times is after she eats and plays, we both take a nap together on the couch. (Actually, she is the one napping while I enjoy examining her tiny features and just enjoying her.)
She is asleep as we speak (actually, while I type!) without her pacifier (thank goodness, because when it falls out during the night she loves to let me know!) So with all of that being said, I am being optimistic at our chances for several hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight. (I'll let you know how it goes.)
We went to church for the first time yesterday and it was very successful. Only once did Caroline make a very unladylike sound (which Thomas then accusingly points at me.) We then went on to Aunt Becky's house to visit all of her family (who I claim as my own extended family.) All of this disrupted Caroline's routine and we had some fussy spells, but looking back she did extremely well for such a long time away from home. (The pediatrician said to wait 6 weeks before taking her out and we are rule followers! :-) )
Here are some pictures of visits from Caroline's grandparents who love her very much!
*ps Thanks to my friend Tara (of Tara and Bailey) who informed me that there is a company who turns blogs into real books, so I am going to try and be more descriptive and thorough in describing Caroline's adventures.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

She's 6 weeks old!

Can you believe precious Caroline is already 6 weeks old?? I keep holding on to her very tightly to keep her from getting older, but it is happening anyway! Luckily for us each day she is getting cuter and learning so much that it makes us excited to watch her grow! She's laughing out loud and grabs onto her toys! She also loves watching the Baby Mozart dvd from her bouncy chair.
I could eat her up. I love her more each day.
We went on our first walk a few days ago with Aunt Becky. Caroline was taking everything in around her. It was so fun to tell her about "outside!" We talked about the sky, wind and birds. Everything is new. It is amazing to think about how everything she is encountering is new and exciting to her.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Canaan's Here!

Canaan arrived at 6:29pm last night. *update: 6 lbs 10 oz and 18 in (thanks, Becky for letting me "borrow" the picture from your blog!)
Tara did great!
Yes, I am crying in the picture. Hearing Canaan's high-pitched cry brought back those fresh memories of our experience with Caroline. It's almost too much to take in!
Grammy (my momma) and I took these precious pictures of Caroline smiling at her pig and mobile this morning. It melts your heart!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Caroline is enjoying her swing so much right at this moment that I had time to get myself dressed, do laundry and post on her blog!! I believe she gets cuter every day!
Her daddy's talented whistling makes her smile every time! I finally caught one with the camera!
We had a visit from a friend all the way back from elementary school! Beth met Robyn and I at my house for a trip down memory lane.
Caroline enjoyed meeting Raven for the first time.
Finally, here are some pictures I took during a photo shoot in our dining room along with proof she loves her swing Grammy and Aunt Becky got for her!