Friday, March 23, 2007

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This week Caroline visited her friends (or cousins-in-law!) Lakyn and Canaan at the Hudson's new beautiful house. Lakyn and Caroline were in sync with their emotions. Either all smiles or crying their eyes out. Canaan did not seem to know what to think with these big girls on either side of him. We promised Canaan's daddy we wouldn't "dress" him up, but he had to be in blue to match the girls! (If Aunt Becky had been there, she wouldn't have been able to stand the cuteness!! She was busy shaping the young minds of her third graders--or she would have been there!) (Thanks to Tara for letting me borrow the picture of all of us from her blog!)

Week 7: Caroline is laughing and smiling so much now! She just started supporting her weight on her legs, while we're holding her of course. She is also making "cooing" noises along with her other talking sounds. My favorite, she has been saying since she was about two weeks old, is when she is calming herself down and she says, with a long 'A' sound, "A-wuh, awuh, awuh, awuh.' If I knew how to post video you would see how adorable it is.

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