Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Our friends Robyn and Aly let us know that the tulips were in full bloom a few weeks ago (where does the time go!?) We went to the park and took lots of pictures, but Caroline was more interested in people/dog watching than posing for the camera. I realize that I need to get behind the camera so that Thomas can get in some of these pictures! In the bottom picture Caroline is sitting in her bumbo seat all by her big self!


  1. She is beautiful! We should have had a photo shoot with all the babies before the freeze got the tulips. oh well, your pics are awesome!

  2. beautiful pictures!!!! i can't believe she is big enough for a bumbo!!!

  3. They turned out beautiful!!! I still haven't seen ours yet. I'm afraid they didn't turn out due to Aly's fit. I miss you and Caroline!!