Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy month!

We had another playdate with our friends at the park before our trip to Florida, but I'm just now posting pictures! Our family has stayed busy this month!

Here's Caroline snoozing in the car:
Caroline is sitting all by herself for several minutes at a time now! She is also spitting out green beans and eating carrots! She's been practicing new sounds with her tongue and she said "thuh- thuh" last night while her daddy and I were talking. She really would love to contribute to our conversations!


  1. Look at those angels!! I've missed you guys sooo much! Your pictures are awesome, Bon! I just love you to pieces!!

  2. I love looking at your pictures! Caroline is beautiful! What a fun time you obviously had at the beach! I'm glad to have "found" you so we can keep up with stuff going on!!

  3. look at those eyelashes in the last picture!!!! such a beautiful little girl :)