Saturday, June 2, 2007

and the little one said "Roll Over..."

Caroline is rolling! On May 24th she rolled from her stomach to her back while Thomas and I watched! It was almost more of a flip than a role!
Coincidentally, the next day one of my kindergarteners asked me to read a book called 10 Little Bears where they sing a song about rolling over in a bed.
The next evening Aunt Becky and I watched as she rolled from her back to her stomach!
The pictures were taken today (on her 4 month birthday!) She was lying on her playmat talking to the giraffe (I'm sure she was asking permission to chew on his colorful feet) when I very briefly left the room. When I returned I did not immediately look at her (I was still picking up stray toys) when I heard her make a very polite "ahem" noise to get my attention. I couldn't believe how far she had rolled! She looked so proud of herself! I cracked up laughing which made her laugh and I grabbed Thomas' camera to show you her accomplishment! She must have rolled several times to get where she was. I love how she thought to make a noise to get me to look at her!


  1. oh wow, bonnie, caroline is getting so big!!!!!!!! she is really really really cute!!! can't wait to see her again sometime this summer :)

  2. She is the cutest ever! I loved playing with her during church and enjoying lunch with her today! we have missed you guys!