Thursday, September 18, 2014


God has been more real to me over the last few months than my entire life. I know it sounds so utterly weird, especially everything I've been through already, but it's true. I am not sure how to explain it properly, but I will try over the next month in blog posts. Stay tuned :)

On a related, but separate note I am obeying God's nudge to host a prayer gathering at my house Tuesday, Sept 23rd. I've been following Jennie Allen's "If" vision for a while now and after some soul searching and praying I have personally experienced the importance of what she's doing. She's obeying and because of God she has helped unite women across the country and the world for the purposes of spreading Jesus' message.

I am so desperate for every single person I know, and yes of course, people I don't know yet--to experience Jesus the way I have. It's not magic, it's not just for a select few, it is real and for EVERYONE. It is rocking my world to have the scales on my eyes lifted and see just how broken our world is. Everyone is hurting over something. Everyone. You are not alone. I want people to know they aren't alone so they can begin to heal with Jesus' help and friends that are real.

If you aren't able to come to our prayer gathering on Tuesday, consider hosting your own or praying on your own. You'll be joined by thousands around the world that night. So we all know we aren't alone, we are being heard. His Spirit is being poured out, y'all. Be a part of it.

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