Saturday, September 8, 2007

Football season is here!

We had a great time at Tara and Canaan's house at their football season kickoff party. Until I get our video uploaded, you'll have to see Caroline crawl from this succession of pictures showing her getting into the spirit of the season by trying to tackle Canaan. Lakyn is cheering her on!

Tara and Canaan are cheering about his great defensive strategy!
Adam is helping Caroline hydrate after a tough game.


  1. I think those are THE three CUTEST Razorback fans under the age of '1' that there are!!! I can't believe how big they are all looking! So precious!!! The picture of Caroline and Becky melted my heart....that is SO sweet! It sounds like you all are doing well!

  2. I'm sorry that my child seems to be attacking Caroline in every picture! I talked to him and he promises to be nice next time she visits!

  3. Sooooo precious! Give her (Caroline I mean) a hug and kiss from us!

  4. Im glad my husband is getting in some good baby practice time!!!