Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweet baby girl!

Here is Caroline in her busy bee costume with Aunt Becky. She doesn't seem to sure about Aunt Becky's hat! Thanks to Baldwin Church of Christ for a fun night.
(I had my first s'mores of the Fall season!!!)
I will post more Halloween pictures next week!

Our friends, Adam and Julie, invited everyone over for a cookout at their new house. We had so much fun! Caroline is really into dancing to music and she can even keep a pretty good beat! She really gets going bending her knees, I've even watched her jump in the air!
I only have these pictures of Aunt Becky and Uncle Travis' nieces and nephew! The babies were not being very cooperative during the picture taking time. I think Caroline caused trouble by taking Lakyn's fun toy (in the top picture we have evidence that Caroline waited until Lakyn looked away and then moved in on the toy!) We're working on sharing.

Caroline still enjoys standing on her own. I can hardly believe she will be 9 months old next week! Here she is in her sailor outfit Grandma Tracy got her. Her feet are on the bigger side and I can't find shoes that will not leave marks on her poor feet. My friend Amy let me borrow these neat socks that look like shoes! So clever!

Caroline is also making the funniest smile lately! She squints her eyes, wrinkles her nose and smiles the biggest smile ever! She knows that it gets Grammy, Mommy and Daddy to laugh every time. It's really hard to catch on camera. Here's the closest I have so far!


  1. I love, love, love the socks that look like shoes!! Best baby invention ever next to the Bumbo. Ok, and disposable diapers I guess.

  2. Adam and I (and my mom!) love the new Caroline smile!!! It made us laugh all the way home from church!! She is precious and we love her so much!!! Thanks for letting my mom play with her too since she reminded me she has no grandchildren of her own!!! ;)

  3. ok, i need to see y'all again soon!!!!!!!