Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rewind to Fall

Now that it feels like winter, I am posting these pictures from early November of our family field trip to Hobbs State Park (specifically the Van Winkle Trail.) It was a beautiful day. Thomas and Caroline had fun throwing rocks into the stream.
As you can see Thomas is answering Caroline's questions about why leaves change color. It's a little more complicated than you might think!
Caroline and I enjoy afternoon walks when I get home from school. On this particular afternoon, she did not find my commentary very stimulating.

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  1. so, did he tell her whether it is the cold or the sun getting farther away that makes the leaves change? haha Your little family is so sweet and beautiful! It's so sweet to see Thomas with Caroline telling her about science! If I ever am blessed with children I am going to send them to your house once a week for science lessons because I'm lacking in that subject!! So SWEET BONNIE!!! I love you so much!!