Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm a Mom

Last weekend we had glorious weather. We decided to take advantage of the warm weather with a trip to Lake Fayetteville. We accomplished a lot! Caroline and I went down the slide together for the first time ever! I then let her go by herself (I still held on to her, but it counts!) I think she was wondering what in the world were we doing!
Thanks to Thomas' mom and dad for getting us this comfy, sporty backpack carrier for Christmas! We were glad we got to try it out. She absolutely loved it. She kept looking back at me and laughing because she was so much higher up than me. She also liked "oooh-ing" at every tree and touching the bark.
Any time Caroline likes, sees, or wants something she says, "oooh!" (rhymes with shoe)
Thomas and Caroline "ooohing"
Dramatic Pose

So you would think that after 11 1/2 months I would realize I am a mom. Of course, I have realized it, but there are just certain moments that it really hits me. Some of them are happy, adorable moments...when she took her first steps, when she reaches out for me, when she picks out books for me to read to her and when I rock her to sleep every night (just for a few examples!) And then there are the not so happy moments. Friday Grammy told me that Caroline started coughing a little. I thought, she'll be fine, she can get over it on her own. At 4:00am that next morning I am sitting in the bathroom holding a feverish, croup-ey, sad baby with the hot shower going full blast. I had immediate flashbacks to my own mom doing the same thing for Becky and I when we were little, and then I had another one of those realizations that I am Caroline's mom. She looks to Thomas and I to 'make it all better.' What an awesome responsibility. I happily accept it. It's amazing how much I love this little girl.

These pictures do not have anything to do with her being sick (I took her to the doctor today and she's starting to feel a little better.) I just thought they were cute. It looks like Elmo ate about as much of the baby biscuit as Caroline!


  1. Caroline looks so much like Thomas to me...also, I love the "ooohing" pictures. Kendall makes the "oohing" face (but not a lot of sound all the time) and cranes her neck out at Evan. He does it back to her. It's so funny!

    Hope Caroline is feeling better!

  2. What a sweet post!! What a blessing these little ones are! Kiss Caroline for me!

  3. Precious and beautiful is all I can say. I really don't even know what else

  4. I love those pictures! What good memories. I love getting outside in the Winter on nice days-helps the cabin fever. You guys are great parents.

  5. She is beautiful!!! And the mom thing doesn't stop amazing! My oldest is 3 1/2 and I still think that on many occasions..."she sees me like I see MY mom? Wow!"

  6. We don't know each other but I look at your site through Tara and Jacobs.. your little girl is soo cute!!! I enjoy looking at your page..

    *Charie Hudson

  7. I love this post...I am on child four and still have those moments where I realize I am "it" (well, there is always Daddy, but I am it in the mom department). Tonight Maria just casually asked, "Are you my mom?" I could proudly and confidently say, "Yes, I am." It was wonderful to meet you today! Thank you so much for introducing yourself...