Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Where has the time gone?! Caroline attended her best friend's first birthday party (we got some great ideas that we will use in exactly one month!! Thanks, Rob!) She had her first wonderful Christmas spent with family, her first new year's and her first (and probably not last) witness of the beloved Hogs losing yet another bowl game.
Grammy made Christmas very special with a special area set up with a table, wooden rocker, coloring books and baby dolls just for Caroline! She also enjoyed discovering toys in her first stocking!Aunt Becky and Uncle Travis got Caroline her own puzzle stool!Caroline's set of grandparents in-law (Bill and Mary, actually Uncle Trav's parents) gave Caroline her own pink bible with her name inscribed. So sweet! I think I'm going to "borrow" the Wilsons' tradition of reading the Christmas story to her each year from this bible!The obligatory bow stuck on the baby picture! You've got to have one! It's required!One of our favorite toys from Grammy and Poppy! A rocking, super soft lamb!

Caroline tricks continued...
  • Grammy taught her how to say "Woooo" and wiggle her fingers to call the Hogs. We're working on the rest of it.
  • When asked, she can find her belly button...and she can find yours if you want her to locate it for you!
  • I can show her a cow and she'll say "moooo."
  • She no longer only bounces to music (or a beat.) She has added twisting at the hips to her dancing repertoire.


  1. 1. When I got your comment on our blog, I couldn't figure out how you knew about Kendall pooping during the prayer!!! I forgot I told Catherine that on her blog.

    2. Tell Thomas hi for me. Do you care if I put you on our blog roll? I want a "quick link" to see what's up with Caroline!

    3. Do y'all have a really good camera that you use? Your recent Christmas pictures are awesome. I just love good photography!

    4. And yes...Being a mommy is work, but I'm loving every minute of it. Are you still teaching at Harp? if so, how's teaching and being a wife/mom going? I would like to go back in the fall...maybe!!! Is Laura still there? (I love her...she's one of the funniest people I know...sometime you'll have to ask her about Danny's prayer during the Beta Sigma Phi Christmas party years ago...) HYSTERICAL!!!

    Okay, sorry so many questions. I'm just glad to have a link back up with my Springdale School District friends!!!

  2. Caroline is so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your fantastic pictures and hearing your stories. She's growing up so fast. Every tidbit from your blog just warms my heart - you're so wonderful!

  3. Thanks Bonnie! I actually have done mostly word of mouth, now that I have a blog, I have been posting pics of the cards. I don't have a website as of now.

  4. Oh Bon! I wish I had a way of getting paid and being with you and toots!! It would be the best job ever! She's such an angel from Heaven. I can't even tell you how much I love you guys!!

  5. Okay, I added you on my list. I may be coming back to ask questions about raising little girls. You'd think that babysitting from 12 years old and teaching for 5 years would prepare you for motherhood!!!

    That's awesome that you passed National Boards. I went to the meeting in Little Rock, but I chickened out!!! I know...I'm a loser!!!

    Glad you gave Laura our link. Tell her to comment and to pass it on to Nicole Shockley. I've lost contact with them and love to get back in touch!!!

  6. Hey Bonnie!! I was looking through my myspace friends and saw on your profile that you have a blog (I had forgotten). We have one now too, so I'll have to check back on here more often. Your Caroline is absolutely adorable! I can't believe she is 1. I remember seeing you at the mall when you were early into your pregnancy--time flies!