Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ham it up

Caroline's laugh is so adorable. She continues to amaze us every day with what she is learning. Here's some things I do not want to forget:
"Hi dada"
"Hi A-yee" (Aly)
"dah" (dog)
"Woo-woo" (woof-woof)
"Moo" (like a cow)
"Wooo" and "Wow" at things she likes.
  • She can hold her hands in the air and "Woooo" to call the Hogs.
  • And once I heard her say "Hi Aunt B" when talking to Aunt Becky on the phone. That has yet to be repeated.
  • I can tell her to go get things (her car, juice, shoes, pacifier, etc.) without pointing at them and she will do it, even if they are out of sight.
  • She still dances and bounces at any music or even just a good beat. She has three or four moves now, with twists and bouncing to the beat.
  • She loves it when we chase her! She will run (yes, run!) away and laugh hysterically when we catch her.
  • Thomas was talking about outside and she turned all the way around in her high chair to look outside at what he was talking about.
  • She brings us her shoes, sits and sticks out her feet to have us put them on her (Thanks, Grandma Tracy for the squeaky shoes!)

  • In the bathtub I can put up several of her bath animals and ask her which one is the cow and she'll hold it up for me. She can do this with the horse, too.
She still has yet to cut a tooth. Everyone assures me that this is normal and fine, but when all of her baby friends have a full set of chompers, I wonder when she will get them! A friend joked about getting her "baby dentures." So funny.
We love her so much it is unbelievable.


  1. Look at tooter! She is so precious! I loved sitting with her at church today! Isn't God amazing!!

  2. What a wonderful way to preserve all of those memories...recording them is so important! You think when they happen that you won't forget, but the truth is, as time goes by, you do forget a lot of those little memories. She is just precious.

  3. CAROLINE!!!! Even though she wouldn't sit with me in church I still love her!!!!

  4. Precious! Teeth--I didn't have ANY teeth at one either and I have all my teeth! :)

  5. Love the comment about the baby dentures. So funny! Caroline is ADORABLE!!!