Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Shower and Surprise B-day Tara!

Here are my girls at my house! Tennille, Becky (and baby Shofner,) Tara (and Hayden,) and me. I'm really not that much shorter...they all must have tall boots on. (right??)

Tara is a special friend to me. We met when I came to the University and joined the Razorbacks for Christ. She introduced me to everyone and we made lots of fun memories while in college (Trips: skiing, Dublin TX, Cotton Bowl to name a few...) Who knew that Tara would have the perfect younger brother for my younger sister! The rest is history!
Lakyn and Caroline enjoying the yumm-o cupcakes I made for Tara. I wrote a "30" on each of them and I now have a new found appreciation for cake decorators.
Here's the adorable cake that I did not make! Hayden's cake came from "The Cake Lady." She even delivers, so e-mail me if you want her info!

Tara knew about the shower, but not about her birthday party! I realize after hosting a few events that I do not have time to take pictures and accomplish my other hostess duties! So you'll have to visit Becky's blog for more pics! It was so much fun surprising her! Jacob got her favorite barbecue from Whole Hog catered for it and we all enjoyed watching the slideshow he made for her. Happy Early Birthday, Tara!

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