Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!

(This is dedicated to my dear friend, Tara, who introduced me to the Gentry Zoo many years ago!)

ps I am still blogging at Becky's house! Thanks, Aunt B!!
We have had a wonderful spring break! I have hugged and kissed Caroline at least 1000 times every day, we have played outside each day (except when we watched the deluge of rain from the porch), fell and scratched her nose (it even bled, poor baby,) ate too many bananas to count, visited the Shofner Farm and "moo-ed" at the cows, went to the Gentry Zoo and tomorrow we are planning on an Easter egg hunt!

We had a blast at the zoo! Aunt Becky and Thomas almost got attacked by several animals and Caroline laughed the whole time. During the drive through part, we let Caroline stand by the window, we were only moving at a snail's pace and we were very careful. She had so much fun!

Caroline's New Tricks:

She likes to stand straight up on her Mickey Mouse car or her rocking lamb and balance without holding onto anything. I can't stand it, but she laughs the whole time.

She likes to point at other people's eyes and she will squint her eyes because she knows how it feels to be poked in the eye. It's hilarious. Sort of hard to explain, but in 20 years when I'm reading this again, I will remember how she did it! Here's a picture:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Where do I start?...

(I am borrowing Aunt B's internet, so this is an abbreviated blog entry, but at least I'm posting!)

We've moved!! We do not have the internet...yet! AND for some reason, I can't imagine why, blogs are blocked from being seen at school. I feel so out of the loop!! This is where I keep track of Caroline's adventures and keep up to date with my friends' lives! I rarely write things down because I know that I can keep track on my blog, so it has been hard to remember everything!

Okay, enough about that. We love our new house. We're so much closer to our family and church! We have room to play inside and out. We have made new friends: two roadrunners (we see them daily, Willy and Wilimena,) three deer and lots of frogs (that we hear all the time.)
New Words:
"aw gah"= all gone (I've just heard it once when she finished her milk)
"bu"= bug
"brrrr"= (we say, "It's cold" and she says "brrr")
"vrhoo"= (we say, "it's hot" and she says "vrhoo")
"baa"= bath

  • When asked where her hair is she rubs her hair and then rubs everyone else's hair in the room.

  • She can point to her ears and nose when asked and without being shown (and anyone else's in the room.)

  • She points to her tree outside her room when asked where her tree is.

  • Today she started catching a ball with both hands when it is thrown to her!

We love her to pieces. I hope to post again when Aunt B doesn't mind entertaining Miss Caroline!