Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break!

(This is dedicated to my dear friend, Tara, who introduced me to the Gentry Zoo many years ago!)

ps I am still blogging at Becky's house! Thanks, Aunt B!!
We have had a wonderful spring break! I have hugged and kissed Caroline at least 1000 times every day, we have played outside each day (except when we watched the deluge of rain from the porch), fell and scratched her nose (it even bled, poor baby,) ate too many bananas to count, visited the Shofner Farm and "moo-ed" at the cows, went to the Gentry Zoo and tomorrow we are planning on an Easter egg hunt!

We had a blast at the zoo! Aunt Becky and Thomas almost got attacked by several animals and Caroline laughed the whole time. During the drive through part, we let Caroline stand by the window, we were only moving at a snail's pace and we were very careful. She had so much fun!

Caroline's New Tricks:

She likes to stand straight up on her Mickey Mouse car or her rocking lamb and balance without holding onto anything. I can't stand it, but she laughs the whole time.

She likes to point at other people's eyes and she will squint her eyes because she knows how it feels to be poked in the eye. It's hilarious. Sort of hard to explain, but in 20 years when I'm reading this again, I will remember how she did it! Here's a picture:


  1. I had so much fun!!! I loved being able to experience the Gentry Zoo with you guys! Thanks for taking me with you! I had a blast!!

  2. That face is hilarious!!! Love it!
    - Christina

  3. oh, 2 of the things i miss most about nw and my beloved drive thru zoo!!!!!!!! so happy you got to have fun together :)

  4. I love the drive-thru safari! So fun! I've been twice and both experiences were so different.

    The first time, I went w/my friend Staci and her little boy. It was in November and it was cold outside. All the monkeys kept climbing on her jeep and Wil was fascinated by that. One pooped on the hood and he thought that was the best.

    The second time we went was with my mom, sister, and my two nephews. It was in the summer and they had a camel to ride and two huge boa constrictors out. We have pictures of my youngest nephew touching a snake at 8 months. Still makes me cringe!

    Glad you had a great spring break! Hope you, Thomas and Caroline are settling in your new house nicely!

  5. Bonnie,
    I can not even begin to tell you how much fun I have reading all of the posts and seeing sweet Caroline grow up! Its hard to believe that my 3 sweets kids are 14,11, and 10. Wish I could give Caroline a big hug! (oh and you)
    Cousin Lisa from Conway