Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fun times!

I am borrowing pics again from Aunt Becky. I hope to upload some new ones soon!

We had so much fun at the 1st "To be Annual" Easter Egg Hunt at our new house. Babies Aly and Lakyn joined in on the fun! I hope our other friends can join us next year!
Today we hiked around Clark Loop at Lake Wilson in Fayetteville (not to be confused with Wilson Park!) It was a beautiful day and the water was flowing quickly through the creeks. She loved riding in her backpack with Thomas for about 1.5 miles. She loved the gigantic rocks and watching me find steady rocks to walk across the creek! For the last mile she wanted me to hold her. As I carefully maneuvered around rocks and mud up and down the hills, I realized that she is about the weight right now that I had gained during my pregnancy! As we headed back to the car, I handed her off to "Dada" and thought how nice it would have been to be able to so easily shift the weight over to Thomas during that ninth month of pregnancy! It is funny that I have really forgotten about the harder parts of being pregnant now that she is 14 months old (and sleeping through the night!)
Things to remember!
  • We have been praying before we go to Sunday school and Ms. Sue says it has worked! Caroline only cries for one second as we leave and then she is fine! She even "moo-ed" for the teachers this morning when they played with the cows.
  • Caroline sings "E-I-E-I-O" and tilts her head back and forth to the "Old McDonald" song.
  • If asked to dance, she will turn around and around with an arm in the air.
  • She says, "up," "dow" for down, "Mmmpp" for please, "banananana" for banana (if you weren't sure!)
  • She loves helping daddy move the rocks around our yard. She realized she had pockets in her pants and she filled them with rocks that she meticulously picked out from the driveway. They do not all make the cut, but I find the ones that did as I do the laundry!


  1. Bonnie--i set my blog to private, but e-mail me so i can add you to the list.

  2. Caroline is saying "thank you" too. It is more like "mmmoff" as she nods her head in a Japanese greeting fashion. It's so cute!

    Sara is so glad Caroline came over to play tonight. She especially liked playing dress up and wearing ruffle pants...the pic will be on Sara's blog soon. You have permission to copy that too. :)