Saturday, April 26, 2008

Country Livin' (sort of!)

We are loving our bird feeders from Grandma Tracy! We watch male and female cardinals, gold finches, woodpeckers and blue jays daily!

Here’s a picture from Easter:

How I know that I live in the wilderness now:

© I have been pooped on by a bird. It was just on my hand, but it definitely counts. Caroline thought it was hilarious (probably because of the expression on my face and the funny sounds I made when it happened.)

© After an early morning windy storm I was driving down our driveway and I had to stop, get out of car, in my heels, and use more strength than I have had to in a while, to move a large limb that had fallen out of one of our trees that blocked out driveway. About 5 hours later one of my students noticed a large rock (about the size of a lemon!) from our driveway that had wedged itself into the heel of my shoe. It had been there all day!

© I can strip Caroline down to her diaper (when she gets muddy or wet) and not worry that the neighbors might think we are complete rednecks.

© “I’m going to get the mail” means getting in my car...or exercising.

© I believe I can get away with using a BB gun at 4:30am to take care of the “beautiful during waking hours” sound of the whippoorwill outside our bedroom window.

© We not only know what a female and male roadrunner looks like, but we know they are prideful. (They like to show us at our back door what they catch for dinner -usually small snakes and lizards!)

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