Friday, November 11, 2011

County Fair 2011!

This is my first post using my phone, if this works it will be life altering for me.
And, yes, I have just realized in the last few weeks that I like to use dramatic words and gestures. Honestly, though, it will be life altering! It took me forever to email myself pictures and upload them onto blogger. I hope to blog way more often with the mobile option.
When did I realize my dramatics? Thomas has been mocking the way I yell "NO WAY!!!" when someone tells me exciting news. He yells it back to me and says it over and over.
We learn a lot about ourselves through our children, don't we?! (I do not feel that I exaggerate at all, however. I truly get that excited/emotional. My long time friends know to back away when they tell me big news so I don't push them over with my hands, like Elaine from Seinfeld. I do not dance like Elaine, just for the record.)
Here's Aly and Caroline calling the Hogs in front of a hog! We love our Arkansas Razorbacks! Woo Pig Sooie!
Thomas loved running from one animal to another yelling, "Gook!!" (Look!)
Caroline milking a fake cow. Ps the format didn't work well with the mobile upload. So  I had to edit it online. Dang.

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  1. You are too funny. And that is a pretty accurate description of you. :) I love the pictures. I can't get over how grown up they are.