Monday, August 20, 2007

Caroline is on the Move

Caroline is beginning to pull herself from sitting on the floor up to a standing position! She is also somehow moving all around without technically crawling. Here are some pictures showing you her way of crawling.
In the top pictures she is assuming the crawl "position."
Then she does a push up (second picture.)
In the third picture she begins to move her feet forward.
In the bottom picture she is sticking her bottom up as far as she can in the air.
Finally, she lunges forward with her hands.
She is very happy about moving around on her own. Our little girl is growing up so fast!


  1. love those moments...Courtney is walking now and I was thinking last night. I hope I got her crawling (bear crawling was her favorite, like Caroline is doing) on video! Time flies before you know it!

  2. Bonnie...don't you remember??? It's called the worm!! She is a happenin' little girl!
    She truly is adorable! They are such a blessing! Amazing is all I can think of!


  3. oh wow!!! she's getting so big (and cute)!!!
    miss seeing you!!

  4. Makes me just want to squeeze her!!! She is so adorable!

  5. Hey sis!! Sharon's right! You need to get it all on video! I miss her so much and I hate it that summer's over and I can't just come over whenever I want. It makes me too sad!! I have to see her soooon!!! I love you so much and hope today went great! I know how much those new babies love you already!