Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Thomas and I spent our 2nd and 3rd wedding anniversaries at the Lodge at Mt. Magazine. The views are absolutely beautiful! We had a great time...other than Thomas having a hurt back and me burning my arm. You can't tell in the picture, but I am in quite a bit of pain and ready to grab my ice pack that is out of view.
Thomas strained his back playing with Caroline. Here's Thomas over exaggerating his pain while standing on the official stamp from the state of Arkansas declaring the highest point.
I am only retelling my injury story here so that it won't happen to you. Thomas and I were in line at the breakfast buffet behind a couple who told us that they had honeymooned at the lodge 45(!) years ago (that lodge burned down in 1971,) while I hungrily surveyed the pancakes. I realized that directly behind the pancakes there was another serving tray covered with a lid. I was sure there was some delicious treasures to be found inside so I innocently lifted the lid and what did I find?? A steam "pocket" from boiling water that had been waiting for me to come along and let it escape onto my arm! There wasn't a tray under the lid so the water being held to heat the entire buffet was released at that moment. It makes my arm hurt again just recounting this story. The moral to the story: When lifting lids at a buffet, tilt them away from you or to be really safe...just order off the menu!
I tried to take a picture by myself of my arm. You can see why Thomas is the photographer in the family. This was from four days after the incident.

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  1. my poor little friend!!!! too bad we don't live closer because we have some leftover burn cream of bailey's we could let you have. glad you still had a great time!! i miss you!!!!!