Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New School Year

It has been a little disorienting for me not to be stressing out at school with everyone this week! I am missing (just a little!) the excitement and nerves that go along with a fresh new school year. On the other hand, I am very much enjoying my time with Caroline. It is really fun not having a set schedule for our time together. Last year I always felt I had to rush (literally) everywhere so that I would have more time with her. My blood pressure must be better this year!We have been spending time at the Farmer's Market, Baby Bookworms at the library once or twice a week, playing outside with her house, car (thanks, Lakyn!) and slides, dressing up (thanks, Bailey!) and going to church. I can't believe she will be moving up with her Sunday School class next Sunday! She's getting so big! Here is Canaan and Caroline waiting to pat their bibles! I hope to have more pictures from their last class this weekend.

She has added to the body parts she can name. I point to them and she says, "nose, eye, ear, knee, bel-bow (elbow, obviously!,) hair, beebow (belly button, not so obvious!)" She can recognize toes, mouth etc. if I say them.

She now says, "Ewww!" when something is not to her liking.

The biggest accomplishment right now is I can hold up any two objects of different sizes and without any prompting she will point to the larger one and say "Big!" and she will point to the smaller one and say, "Little!" in a high-pitched voice! I am so proud of her.

Grammy's name has turned into "Me-me" and Grandma Tracy is "Dee-dee."


  1. Bonnie,
    It's strange to think of the kindergarten hall without you there. But I am SO HAPPY that you get to stay home. There will always be more kindergarteners but Caroline only has one childhood. It makes me so happy to think about :)

  2. I am so happy for you! I know it's a weird adjustment, but you are so blessed to have the opportunity to soak up all of those extra seconds with your little angel. I would tell you to enjoy them, but I already know you do! We love you and can't wait to play again soon.

  3. How precious! I can't believe they're graduating from their class! I LOVE HER!!!