Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slumber Party!

(The picture above has nothing to do with this post, but I had to post it! Thomas took this in our garden last week! I have never seen a caterpillar that big in my whole life!)
Thomas had a three day workshop that took up his days and most of his nights, so Caroline and I tagged along on his trip and was able to spend time with our dear friends Tara, Billy, Bailey (and Boss!) Tara so graciously let us stay at her beautiful home with her day and night for three days! We were able to catch up with each other and let our precious girls get to know each other!I think for the first day and a half Caroline stayed really quiet trying to take in Bailey's bubbling personality! I feel like I keep up with Bailey through her blog, but getting to hear her intelligent, creative thoughts verbalized in person was amazing! She is a very bright little girl!Bailey REALLY wanted Caroline to converse with her! She talked to Caroline like a child her own age, "Caroline, do you want to see my school?"...pause as Caroline watches Bailey..."CAROLINE, do you want to see my school?" I finally had to tell Caroline to say, "Yes!" They were adorable together. They both shared toys with each other remarkably well! Bailey would take Caroline by the hand and show her things in her house. (I also realized how difficult it is to get two little girls to pose for pictures together. The pictures do not match my captions, but they were the only ones I took!)Caroline also got to go to her first real movie! A local theater showed a Veggie Tales movie for free. She loved it! She sat in my lap and commented to me about the movie ("Moon!" "Night-night" "uh-oh!" etc.) We all four shared yummy popcorn. I was overprotective and tore off pieces just to be sure there weren't hidden kernels. It helped to slow me down from eating a whole bucket myself! We also enjoyed playing dress up, feeding ducks at a nearby pond and singing along to songs in the car. (I think Bailey knows every children's song by heart!)
One of the highlights of our trip was getting to meet Tara's amazing friends she has made through her church. They were all super nice and welcoming to Caroline and I. I loved seeing such a large group of women connected to each other through God and their children (and there were a LOT of children!)
Cooking With Caroline

Pick out your cupcake and a frying pan.

Listen to the sizzle as the icing fries.

Place cupcake in refrigerator to cool. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time- how fun! Thanks for checking in on us- the stomach bug was not fun, but we survived! Say a prayer for me Monday (and the next 170ish days after:)

  2. Bonnie, you're not going to believe this! It's Melissa Morgan from U of A!! (Melissa Pitzer, now)I keep up with Tara's blog, and when I saw her last post about you, I pulled up your blog off of her friends list! Caroline is beautiful!!! I'm expecting my first...due in December! I'd love to catch up! Here's my blog...
    (Kelley is my husband)

  3. we miss you all!!!!!

  4. Bonnie!! I am sooo happy i got to see you this weekend! It was fun being in Fayetteville...still feels like home. :) I have a blog too, although I've neglected it for quite a while. I check Facebook a bit more often, but I'll bookmark your blog and check it to see cute pics of you guys and your sweet little girl. :)