Thursday, July 24, 2008

18 Months

Caroline will be 18 months on the 2nd of August. Our precious toddler gets smarter, sweeter and funnier each day.
She loves hummus, guacamole ("mole,") blueberries ("blue buh,") yogurt, nectarines, black beans, spaghetti, and cherry tomatoes. She even ate two good bites of tabouli at Grammy and Poppy's house this week.
She still loves to play her "hide a toy" game. She is very convincing when I ask where it is. She points to where she wants me to look and I say, "Are you sure?" and she will nod emphatically "yes!" When I tell her it's not there, she will then point to a different place in the room for me to look and the game continues!
New Words: She now repeats lots of words, but "Nigh-nigh" for "night-night" (Thanks to her friend Sara!) and "Amen!" are her two words that she uses regularly now! She waves when she first sees me in the morning and right before she closes her eyes to sleep.
When she is feeling particularly "lovey," she will gently place her hand on your cheek and look at you with scrunched up eyes.
She can sing (in tune!) the first four notes of Elmo's World (La, la, la, la) and the first three of Sesame Street (Sunny Days,) and Twinkle, Twinkle (She sings "Up above.") If I try to change from Twinkle, Twinkle to another song before she is ready, she lets me know by protesting loudly until I start singing it again.
Dada took all of these pictures of his sweet Caroline on the square last week. I kiss her a thousand times a day.


  1. I LOVE HER!! How beautiful is she!!? I haven't looked at your blog in forever and get so excited when I see something is posted! Even though I just saw her, I still miss her! I love you Bonnie and am so proud of you as a mommy and for your new U of A job! Should I call you Professor Culp??

  2. she is adorable!!!! bailey can't wait to play with her :)

  3. Bonnie! I love her so much! She gets more beautiful everyday! We miss you guys and can't wait to catch up! I love this post!!

  4. Look at that sweet girl!!! So precious! Thomas did great with those shots!

    I loved your last line...brought tears to my eyes!!

  5. What a beauty! It's not just the perfect pics either. The photos are so good I stole a few for Sara's blog. We're looking forward to seeing you both again soon! Sara says, "Hi, Caroline!"

  6. What sweet pictures Bonnie! I need to see her more!