Friday, July 4, 2008

Sweeter every day

It is tough in one post to catch up a month of growth in the life of a toddler. Here is a pic from bible study at Becky's principal's beautiful backyard (you can see the river running right behind us!) We painted, broke and re-glued pottery! See why by clicking here.

We had our first bible study service project near a subdivision with several students from Becky, Dori and Leigh's school. We read books and talked about Jesus while eating some Fire Cheetos. I did not get permission to post the pictures of the children, so here is a cute one of Lakyn and Caroline in their bible study t-shirts!

If Leigh had not asked me to stop and get the fire cheetos, we might have been involved in this awful 4-5 car accident! The chicken truck turned over across the highway. Those are real chickens all over the ground.

Caroline loves her friends!

We had our first cookout last week with some wonderful friends. We had some brush to burn, so of course that led to s'mores!! Yummy!

Jack's mom, Dori, getting ready to roast her marshmallow!

We have also had our first red, vine-ripened tomato from our plants! I have counted over 70 that are still green! Caroline helped me pick two cherry tomatoes from the vine. Before I had time to wash them, she had already chomped into one! I am so glad she likes them! She ate both of them within a few seconds! (Notice the seeds on her lips in the bottom picture!)

She says new words and amazes us with what she is learning! She hears us talking about any number and she begins "counting" on her fingers. She also can recognize and name the letter "O!" (Aunt B's name puzzle/stool has helped with this!) Any time she sees letters she tries to sing the ABC song. Her song sounds like the long "A" sound over and over, but it is a letter!!

She says, "mey-mey" for "messy" and "away" for throwing anything away or putting away items. She has three teeth on the bottom now!

This is the first time that Yo Baby Yogurt did not keep her attention. Sleepy baby:


  1. Looks like you are having a fun summer together! Such sweet pictures. :) Maybe she can come teach my son to say a few words...he isn't too far behind her in age, but we only get "dad", "ball", and "dog". Anyway, enjoy the time!

  2. Glad you all are having a fun summer!

  3. Caroline is so precious! I graduated high school with Jack's dad (clint), he's from DeQueen too. Small world! Hope you guys are doing well.