Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All I want for my 16 month birthday are my 2 front teeth...

Caroline finally cut her front 2 teeth at 15 months and 2 weeks! Now everyone can stop joking about getting her "baby dentures!" She's been eating everything that any other baby eats, but this will make it a lot easier for her to bite off her food. (Pretend you can see them in this picture!)

We went with our good friends Autumn, Greg and Sara to Devil's Den last weekend and went on a hike! Here is a link to the pictures from last year at the same waterfall! Look how big Miss Caroline is getting!

Here is Autumn's blog of their sweet family.
Before bible study at our a house a couple of weeks ago, all of the babies enjoyed the playhouse that Grammy and Poppy brought from a friend in Fort Smith. We tried to get a picture of all of them together, but the individual ones turned out better!

One of my sweet kindergarteners, Jennifer, invited us over for dinner at her house last week. We had traditional Mexican food and it was "deliciouso!" I wish I had taken a picture of all the meat they had grilled for us. It was unbelievable! Talking with Jennifer's mom and dad about how poor they were in El Salvador and what they had accomplished here in Arkansas brought tears to my eyes. We are so blessed to live in America with so many opportunities.

Caroline's New Words:

"More," "away," "goo" for good, and "tee" for teeth, "ss" for "si" in spanish. (Yes, she is bilingual. Now that she has some teeth she can make the "s" and "t" sounds! Woo-Hoo!) " I uv" for I love you.


She will sneak around the house! She bends way over while she walks and puts her finger up to her nose to say, "shh." We decided she must have started this by watching us bend over like that when we are going to find her when she is playing hide and seek with us. She will hide behind the couch or island in the kitchen and we "sneak" up on her to tickle her. Her giggles are like nothing else on Earth.

She has been leaning in to "hug" for a long time. She now gives HUGE bear hugs around our necks. She will run into my lap, wrap her arms around my neck and squeeze. She will then run into Thomas' lap and do the same. She still puts my face in both her little hands and pats. It is so, so sweet. She also loves to kiss people (and things) that she loves. She makes loud kiss noises as she does it. We are having to teach her to kiss only family and close friends. (She tried to give kisses to someone at Taco Bell.)

After last week's bible study everyone kept asking her to say,"roadrunner," because it looks so cute with her lips puckered out and saying, "ro-ro-ro-ro." About 30 minutes later I thought I had rocked her to sleep when she opened her eyes a crack, took out her pacifier and said, "ro-ro-ro," laughed, put her paci back in and went to sleep. It was hilarious! She has such a great sense of humor!


  1. yea!!!!! an update!!! look how adorable caroline is! i can tell you have so much fun with her! sooooo sweet of your student's family to have you over for dinner!
    i miss you friend!

  2. i'm so excited about those teeth!!!! i'll be sure alicia knows. that was so sweet to see you with little "Dora"- it sounds like she has a neat family. maybe we'll quit playing phone tag soon and actually get to talk! love ya!