Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun in the yard!

I tried to take mental notes to remember events in her life, since I am unable to blog regularly, but I quickly realized that my memory is not as sharp as it once was! I’m going to try and “journal” on the computer more often, and post several days at once to her blog whenever I can. Make sure to scroll down to see the other days.

Greg, Autumn and Sara came by this morning to cut down a huge, dead tree in our front yard! I am so mad that I did not get video or “before” pictures.

Greg used his chainsaw and Thomas pulled using an extension cord (He will have to start his own blog so you can read an explanation of why they were using it!) All the girls stood at a very safe distance away. When it came down Caroline was a little worried about what happened. It took her several minutes to decide it was okay to get out of my arms and check out the debris. I kept explaining that it was dead and we had to cut it down to make the yard a safe place to play. Here’s an after picture:

Before bringing the tree down, we bought tomato and strawberry plants at the Farmer’s Market! Following the afternoon storm, Thomas and Caroline planted in the garden together. (I purposely put her in this shirt, because I knew she would get dirty and it was the only dark colored long sleeve shirt she has!) Look how serious she is in all of the pictures.

At one point she wanted Thomas’ shovel and he had to use hers!

I posted a pretend “before” picture a few days ago. I did not get a great “after” picture yet, but this will do for now:

Time to wash up! She LOVES playing in the hose. We're still loving her shoes Aunt B got her. The mud washes right through!

I know this is mean, but Caroline can be so dramatic when she gets mad, we had to take pictures. Here is her expression when we put away her shovel (also notice how soaked she is!):

Then she ran over to it and got it back! She is so happy….

Then we tell her that it is time to go inside…without her shovel…

I want to end on a “smiling” picture (because who knows how long it will be before my next entry!)
Thanks to Aly Claire, we have discovered how much Caroline LOVES drinking from straws! It’s so cute watching her drink from these cups. (I don’t know why she’s holding it like that, she doesn’t usually do that.)

When we ask her where are Mommy’s (or anyone’s) eyes are, she tries to point right at them, so instinctively we shut our eyes. So now whenever we ask her where her eyes are, she makes this face:

If only she ate spinach like Popeye, too!


  1. I love the pictures! And she does have so many is good to document them. And yes, you think you will remember everything and those memories quickly fade away. That is why I love is the closest thing my four kids will get to a baby book. :) Only three weeks to go. :)

  2. Caroline is SO SO SO cute!!! I'm loving stage Kendall is in right now, but I'm looking forward to the stage you are in, too!!!

    I loved where you said (in one of the below posts) about how some days are "mommy" days and some days are "daddy" days and that your day just happened to be the day you had to walk three miles! I was cracking up!!!

  3. I saw a comment from you on another blog so I had to come by and say hello. Your little Caroline is just beautiful and I can't believe how much she's grown!