Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catching up and Terra Studios!

Hi Everyone! I have composed so many blogs in my head, but now I am actually posting! What a few weeks we've had!

First we want to say "CONGRATULATIONS TO AUNT B AND UNCLE TRAV" for their happy news! We are so excited to have a baby cousin that lives just down the road! God is so good! I can already envision posts on our blogs with pictures of the cousins together!

Caroline is talking so much...I actually heard her first sentence (no, no one else would probably be able to understand it, but I did!) She said, "Elmo and Zoe are all wet!" It actually sounded like, "Melmowhoa-weahhwet!" I was so excited! (She was talking about her spoon and fork that are shaped like Elmo and Zoe that were in the dishwasher.)

She loves "pretty" things. She will say, "Oooh!" (rhymes with shoe and she changes pitch in the middle) at Dada's tie or mama's shirt.

Playing dress-up! Ooooh!

We had a whole week when the weather was absolutely beautiful and we went to Wilson Park everyday to play on the playground equipment and swing. She can go down the slide all by herself now!

I have stayed busy with Caroline, teaching kindergarten and first grade on Wednesday nights at church, and teaching/planning my college course for UofA. I just accepted a request from them to teach a literacy class this spring that meets the same time this fall class meets! God has been so gracious to work it out so that Tennille and I are able to switch off for the morning and afternoon watching the girls on Thursdays. It's hard to put into words how much I love Tennille (and Lakyn!) Having such an awesome, Christian friend keep Caroline is a HUGE blessing and seeing the girls play and learn from each other is such a joy.
Lakyn and Caroline calling the Hogs!

I cannot believe how much I am enjoying teaching college! I keep remembering Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I did not know what it would be like leaving teaching kindergarten that I love so much to stay home with Caroline, but God had the plan ready for me to enjoy watching Caroline grow each day, but still stay connected with teaching through the UofA. I am so thankful! Someone told me (when I wasn't sure if I should stay home or not) that there will always be kindergartners to teach, but Caroline will have only one childhood! I still feel like weeks are flying by, but I am trying to make the most of each moment.

Me-me (Caroline re-named Grammy) came up to Fayetteville to visit Terra Studios (The bluebird of happiness place!) with us last Friday. We had so much fun watching Caroline discover all of the "hidden treasures" there.

I wish every restaurant had booths like this! She was entranced by the artwork and the "village" scene inside the table!

Surrounded by bluebirds!

Making a wish in the well! She kept saying, "more!" Thanks, me-me for the pennies!

This one's for Aunt B and Robyn! "power of the babe!"


See you later!


  1. Bonnie-that's awesome that you are teaching a college class!!! I think that would be so much teach adults! And LITERACY!!! Even MORE fun!

    Caroline is a cutie pie! I love her dress up picture.

  2. hey bonnie, i agree with leah, that would be fun to teach a college class. i bet the classroom mangmnt is a little easier than the 5 year old!

    i went private and I didn't have your email. if you would like to be added just email me at

  3. Just stumbled across your blog because I have my own Sweet Caroline. It was fun to glance through your pictures of your Sweet C--she's a cutie! Mine is almost exactly one year younger, but it looks like we have a lot in common...I left teaching to stay home too.

    You'll have to take a look at my Caroline if you have a second.