Sunday, May 17, 2009

My adorable nephew is here!

Here's a pic of the fam I took a few hours after his birth!

What a week! My sister Becky went in on Tuesday for a checkup and she didn't leave the hospital until Thursday evening with sweet Jett in her arms! 7 lbs 4 oz 21 inches long.
He is an absolute doll and I am head over heels in love with him the moment I saw him. On Friday morning we went by to introduce Caroline to her cousin! She says that he is " so tute." (cute) All of her hard c's at the beginning of words are soft 'T' sounds. (Remember "Yummy, hot, toe-toe from my last post?... pictured below)
Back to baby Jett. She was even willing to give up her "bobby" (her pacifier) and let him borrow it. I think maybe I can use this eventually to let go of her bobbies forever-maybe you all can help pray for that transition!Sweet cousins! She is going to be a wonderful big sister. I'm convinced after seeing her with baby Hayden and now baby Jett!


  1. Congratulations on your new nephew! He is so cute! Most newborns look all red and wrinkly, but he is adorable. Caroline looks so sweet with him; I can't wait to see her with her own little brother. Sending prayers your way.

  2. Oh, Bonnie, he is so precious. I am so glad to hear all are doing well. And I have no doubt that Caroline will be a wonderful big sis to her own little brother. I bet she can keep both boys in line. :) Let me know how the whole transition goes as far as the pacifier. We probably should be doing the same with Joshua but just aren't quite ready to take that step...yet. :) Prayers for you! PS I will see you this week. :)

  3. I hope the transition to get rid of the tetas as we all them goes well. The family I was a nanny for has gotten two of the boys off of them, the oldest, we took him to the hospital and showed him the nursery with all the babies and he "gave" them to all the babies there. Then the middle one decided he was done. He was a big boy and didn't need it anymore. We were flabbergasted! I never thought I'd see that day. Your nephew is adorable and Caroline seems to be quite fond of the baby.

  4. Good luck on the getting rid of the boppies!! If she understands, my sister told my niece that she needed to send them to all the babies in Heaven, went and bought balloons, attatched them to the balloons and then sent them to Heaven. Emilee was so excited that all the babies in Heaven were going to use them. She had them hid all over the house, so the ones that she finds every now and then she brings to my sister and they put those in the mailbox to mail to them. She hasn't asked for them since! Good Luck!!

  5. He's adorable! That's wonderful that everything went well.