Monday, February 12, 2007

Sweet Baby

As I write this I'm perfecting my one-handed typing skills!
I'm really speechless...she is so perfect! We've had a great week. Here is a picture of her first bath (Daddy Thomas is fantastic with her!)
and other just precious pictures. Tara and Bailey loaned the cute pink outfit to us! We were able to take an adorable picture with best friend Aly Claire while in the hospital.


  1. O. MY. GOSH!! BONNIE!! SHES SOOO CUTE!! IM ALREADY IN LUV WITH HER AND I HAVNT EVEN MET HER!! How have you been?? Hows Thomas?? Well you can e-mail me back @ .. well if u you have time of coarse :)

    Luv You!!
    <3 Sydney Bruce <3

  2. I LOVE those pictures of Caroline! She's so beautiful! Travis noticed the time you posted! Isn't she worth it!!! I love you guys!

    Aunt Becky

  3. bonnie, i'm lovin' the blog!!! caroline IS perfect and i can't wait to meet her!!!
    and we have plenty of clothes to pass down once she needs a bigger size :)

  4. wait....i just noticed that caroline looks a lot like thomas in that first picture!!