Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week 2 and Valentine's Day!

We are all having so much fun watching Caroline grow! This week she continues to hold her head up and fold her hands together like she is praying! She even has learned to put her own pacifier in her mouth all by herself! (I tell her how smart she is every day.) We've had so many sweet visitors this week. We are just now having to figure what to do for dinner since each night we've had it provided for us! Here are some pictures that were taken this week. Christina, Julie, Jordan and Adam brought us a yummy dinner on Valentine's Day and even brought a very special dessert for Caroline (Her mommy and daddy especially enjoyed it!) We wore our Valentine's Day outfit given to us by a sweet family at the school where I teach and completed with shoes from Tara and Bailey! (Notice Caroline in her beautiful purple striped blanket that Christina knitted for us! )
My mom, Grammy, and Aunt Becky have been able to visit and give me and Thomas some much needed sleep. We love and appreciate them more than words can say!


  1. bonnie, she already looks different!! i can not wait to hold her!
    so happy you liked the shoes :)
    give me a call when you have a free minute and don't feel like sleeping (aka, in a few months)!
    love you!

    p.s. back up all of your pictures on a disk so that if your hard drive every crashes, you don't lose the preciousness like i did :(

  2. Sheri and Sarah-Kate CantrellMarch 9, 2007 at 3:28 PM

    The Valentine's Day outfit looks so sweet on her!!! Sarah-Kate was excited to see her wearing it. Love the blog - we'll be checking on you all. We miss you tremendously!!!! Give Miss Caroline some lovin' from the Cantrells!!!