Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hearts for Hannah

I will be participating and I hope you all will, too! Let me know what you do (or post it on her blog) and I will pass it on to her. What a great idea, Kimberly!!

My dear friend, Kimberly, posted the following on her Caringbridge site:

 "As I've mentioned before, Hannah would have turned 5 on Monday, Feb. 15. I cannot really even describe how much I dread that day- as I said in previous posts, she was so excited to "get 5" and get to go to kindergarten. I hadn't had the heart to explain to her that she didn't get to go to school that very day... that she would have to wait until August. Anyway, I began thinking of a way that I could make her birthday have some sort of positive connotation and help others along the way. So, I would like to call Monday a "Hearts for Hannah" day (I had always thought it would be fun to have a Valentine's themed birthday party for her, but I never got the chance).

All of you precious people who so obviously have "Hearts for Hannah", I'm asking you to do something for someone on Monday (or whatever day works best for you) and tell us about it. Selfishly, I think that this will really help us make it through the day. Give blood (or remind us about how you already donated), pay for someone's order behind you in line, leave a surprise note for someone, tell someone you love him/her and why, etc. I'm sure you can think of many more ideas than I ever could.

I'm going to try and get some big hearts to take to church, school, Nana's office, etc. if people wouldn't mind writing down how they had  "Hearts for Hannah". Hopefully I can record posts from here, Facebook etc. on hearts. I would like to put these together in a scrapbook for Caleb to see someday. One of my greatest dreams for him is to really know one day how much impact his big sister had.

I know everyone is so busy, and I don't want to add any stress to your lives.... but if you have a chance to participate Monday, thank you in advance. And if you don't, that's ok too!" 

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  1. Praying for Hannah's family today. When I was grocery shopping I bought extra to donate to the food pantry.