Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jesus in Scrubs

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They just carried my baby to the OR for ear tubes. My head knows:

It is a simple procedure.
He will feel so much better.
It is necessary. 
It will only take 15 minutes. 

I know it all. I do. And I have peace the surpasses understanding from everyone's prayers.

But it takes real work for a momma's heart to catch up with her head.

People have asked about the recovery time and I go into a spill about it being a week in the hospital and then a few weeks at home before they stop me and say "For tubes?" Umm, no. I'm constantly giving my nephew, Jett, over to the Lord in prayer so it's hard to think of anything else. 

On the pitch black, quiet drive to the hospital this morning the sky was so clear you could see many more stars than usual, even for Arkansas. 

I felt God telling me in that moment of driving that I needed to remember what I have learned. 

I've been so quick to share my new knowledge that the reason the future is so scary is we are incapable of imagining God's presence and His provision there. We cannot feel God's peace until we are in the moment. So our idea of what will happen then is inherently false. God will be meet us in the moment when it comes and we cannot know all that He has planned to provide. 

I've been so excited about how this new insight has affected my everyday peace in life so much that I didn't think about how the "future" means it is here in the next second. And the next minute. Not to sound cliche (which means it most certainly will!) but the future is now. His peace is for now. I shouldn't worry about tomorrow or about the very next minute:

God's peace is for this moment and for tomorrow and for all the minutes in between until we are finished. 


I just typed the word "finished" when Dr Johnson came in to say Ethan did great. He will be back to us and irritable in about ten minutes.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

...And many times when we get to the "future" we find God provides in ways that go above and beyond what we would even hope for...Ethan came back to us with just a few tears on his cheeks and went promptly to sleep in my arms. 

The nurse said on our way out, "It's really harder on the parents than the patient." 

Isn't that the truth? God is with the patient, covered in prayers with all of his or her needs being met by the hands and feet of Jesus in scrubs. While those of us on the outside have to be still and know that He is God. 

No matter what role we are playing right now, whether we are the parents or the patient or the child of God waiting on his or her need to be met, the LORD will provide. Always.

What role are you sitting in today? How can you help spread or embrace the peace as the hands and feet of Jesus provide?


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart and being faithful to write for 31 days straight. Prayers over your family! I've followed your blog for a few years now. :)